Solid pilars for a solid future

Business concentration is one of the predominant factors in the aerospace sector in the last years. In order to join their complementary capacities and to enter the market of Aerospace electromechanical on-board equipment, four Spanish SMEs have established SUMA Aerospace A.I.E. (SUMA).

SUMA coordinates commercial and technological development of the partners. However, contracts with customers are signed by one leader partner. This is, on a case by case basis, the best positioned for each contract, providing certifications, experience, etc. Now, being part of SUMA makes its capabilities boosted by the capabilities of the other partners.

In all cases, it is SUMA corporate identity and trade mark that is used. Resources from the partners are flexibly but structurally allocated to the projects, in view of an optimum service to the customer.

What makes SUMA exceptional is that its partners feature:
• A long, successful experience in the aerospace sector.
• Complementary technological capabilities.
• Capabilities to cover complete product life cycle.
• A logbook of previous successful cooperation.
• A need to booster their business plans, on the basis of a strong kick-off point: 70 years of entrepreneurial experience, 100 employees.


SUMA Aerospace Partners are: