Smart devices: key system elements

Taking into account the technological competences of SUMA a wide variety of products can be developed with the higher levels of quality and efficiency.

Furthrmore, skills and competences of SUMA can be valuable for on-ground complex equipments and systems. Read more


We at SUMA Aerospace are aware of the fact that the ability to capture and harness corporate knowledge has become critical when seeking to adapt to changes in the business environment. Read more


Electro-mechanical airbone equipment:


Product life-cycle management

From engineering development to operational maintenance through manufacturing integration and test, SUMA takes responsibility for the full life-cycle of products.

SUMA has technological and engineering competencies to move from low level Technology Readiness Level to higher levels able to be used on on-boards equipments, based on a long heritage and specialization in different phases of Life-Cycle. Read more


SUMA Aerospace facilities cover an area of more than 4,100 m2. They provide the right scenario for the activities of the organisation in a demanding sector such as Aerospace.