Lean concepts, efficient approach

SUMA Aerospace facilities cover an area of more than 4,100 m2. They provide the right scenario for the activities of the organisation in a demanding sector such as Aerospace

These include:

1. Engineering

2. Production
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Conventional and non-conventional machining (EDM)
  • Mechanical welding, laser marking, electronic products manufacturing…
  • Assembly and Integration Areas
  • Climate controlled integration rooms
  • Warehouse

4. Testing
  • Thermal Testing Rooms:
    1. · Environmental testing in air, vacuum, high temperature and cryogenic environment (thermal cycling and balance tests, thermal and electric conductivity tests…)
      · Functional testing of equipment, mechanisms and opto-mechanical systems in all kind of environments (air, vacuum, high and cryogenic temperatures…)
      · Measurements with Interferometric Optical and Autocollimator in vacuum and cryogenic environment
  • Load Test Center
  • Environmental Test Center
  • Metrology laboratories (in climate control environment):
    1. · CMM for dimensional verifications
      · Roughness and hardness test equipment
      · Optical Metrology Laboratory for specific alignment and verification of opto-mechanical systems, space mechanisms and optical instrumentation
      · Pressure, vacuum, temperature, flow rate sensors…
  • Electronics & Optoelectronics laboratories (oscilloscopes, multimeters, electrometers…)