Aerospace Mechatronics

A significant number of actuation and power generation equipment are smart mechatronic devices and this is a trend towards the More Electric Aircraft. They are characterized by the synergistic integration of their mechanisms, electrical actuation and embedded electronics, as well as microcontrollers and control/monitoring software.

Specification driven, modular, life-cycle solutions

From engineering development to operational maintenance through manufacturing integration and test, SUMA Aerospace takes responsibility for the full life-cycle of its products.
SUMA Aerospace has technological and engineering competencies to move from low level Technology Readiness Level to higher levels for on-board equipment.


Innovation is in the DNA of SUMA Aerospace. State-of-the-art solutions are first choice already at the proposal phase. Strong links to Universities, Research & Development Centres and Technology-based SMEs have been generated as a source of competitive advantage for SUMA Aerospace. Besides, staff is continuously attending training courses to widen and reinforce their capabilities for generating consistent and creative solutions to meet customer’s demands.


The most technologically advanced solution is not always what the customer needs. Keeping safety, reliability and quality requirements at the highest levels, SUMA Aerospace is in the position to develop solutions which will keep life-cycle costs to a minimum.

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